Year: 2014

What is A TRUE FIND?


Living with heart starts with choices about the little things – the true finds that help us lead a conscious life. At, green living expert Annie B. Bond offers day-to-day choices that are in alignment with nature, are beautiful and good, that ring true.  The TRUE find is living with heart, connecting with nature […]

Natural Skin Refreshers

Simple and Natural All Skin Freshener Formula

Winter dryness and forced air heating can be as brutal as summer heat and drought. We need whatever help we can get to feel refreshed. Refreshing and stimulating for the skin because of the menthol herbs, this freshener also hydrates. 2 cups bottled mineral water 10 drops each peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils Combine the […]

Effective Affirmations

How to Pray Without Talking to God: Effective Affirmations

Positive thinking, possibility thinking, and wishful thinking all may serve a purpose in cultivating an optimistic, hopeful attitude. An optimistic, hopeful attitude can expand our awareness and point to the truth. Affirmations are more than optimistic and hopeful thoughts; they are statements of truth stemming from spiritual realization — the are realization thinking. Realization thinking […]

Rewilding - Climate Change

Climate Change: Rewilding Our Hearts

Ecosystems are not only more complex than we think, but more complex than we can think.            – Frank Egler In The Ten Trusts, Jane Goodall relates a conversation with Angaangaq Lyberth, the then-leader of the Eskimo nation from Greenland. At a gathering of a thousand religious and spiritual leaders in […]

Nettle Tea

Why Nettle Tea?

Dear Annie B,  A friend of mine swears by nettle tea and says that is extremely helpful, particular in dealing with hormonal issues.  Can you fill me in? – Linda M.,  Syracuse, NY   Dear Linda, I’ve always loved nettle tea because it works on the endocrine system and helps with hormonal balance, for both men […]

Nontoxic Home Cleaning

Nontoxic Home Cleaning — The 5 Basics

I once had an editor write an entire magazine article about the cupboard under my kitchen sink because she was so impressed with its simplicity. All it contains are these simple ingredients: Baking soda, vinegar, washing soda, a good soap and detergent, and tea tree oil. I find them the safest and most effective for […]

Natural Flu Remedies

The 4 Best Natural Flu Remedies

Dear Annie – What are the best natural flu remedies? Thanks, Jessie W., N.Dakota Dear Jessie – Why just these four? Because, from my research, they are the kings and queens of prevention for viral infections, and they are considered safe to ingest. Some essential oils, while highly anti-viral, may not be suitable for ingestion, […]

Annie B. Bond

Who Is Annie B.?

Annie B. Bond has a story filled with the hallmarks of a true modern day hero’s tale—from tragedy and trial to courage, revelation, and renewal. Known as the “Godmother of Green,” Ms. Bond is the author of five award-winning, best-selling books on healthy living, and she has produced a bounty of newsletters, blogs, and articles […]