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Natural Dust Mite Control 101

Dear Annie, My allergies have been acting up lately and I’m pretty sure it’s because of dust mites. How can I get rid of dust mites in my apartment? – Jonathan H., Michigan Dear Jonathan, Dust mites thrive on sloughed-off human and animal skin. Given that 70 percent of dust is human skin (now that […]

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DIY Mouthwash Formulas

Dear Annie, I’ve heard in the news recently that there are bad chemicals in most mainstream toothpastes and mouthwashes. I think one of those chemicals is called Triclosan, and now I’m afraid to use any products sold in stores. Are there ways to make my own using household products? – Mark, VT Dear Mark, What […]

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Easy BPA Substitutes?

Dear Annie, I am worried about what I read regarding BPA and how if might be a cause of breast and prostate cancer, not to speak of harming fetuses. You are good at alternative solutions, what can you highlight easy BPA substitutes? Thank you, Sam P Dear Sam, Many plastic items—#7 polycarbonate bottles (including baby […]

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Detox Bath Recipe Basics

Dear Annie, I’ve been told that it’s a good idea to soak in a bath of Epsom salts to ease sore muscles and to help relax, but I’m curious what you recommend for detoxing and if you have a detox bath recipe? – Jean, AK Dear Jean, For centuries, people have honored the power of […]