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homemade soap

Soap Versus Detergent?

Dear Annie, I am really confused about the difference between a soap and a detergent. Can you help? Thanks, Sue P. Dear Sue, Soaps and detergents are not the same thing, although both are surfactants, or surface active agents, which basically means a washing compound that mixes with grease and water. Soaps are made of […]

winter bird feed

The Best Deep Winter Bird Food

Dear Annie, I live in New England and am faced with the harsh weather conditions that go along with it every year from November to March. Is there a special type of winter bird food that I should use during the winter time? – Eliza S., MA   Dear Eliza, Distracted by my life for […]

Nettle Tea

Why Nettle Tea?

Dear Annie B,  A friend of mine swears by nettle tea and says that is extremely helpful, particular in dealing with hormonal issues.  Can you fill me in? – Linda M.,  Syracuse, NY   Dear Linda, I’ve always loved nettle tea because it works on the endocrine system and helps with hormonal balance, for both men […]