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aloe vera

DIY Mouthwash Formulas

Dear Annie, I’ve heard in the news recently that there are bad chemicals in most mainstream toothpastes and mouthwashes. I think one of those chemicals is called Triclosan, and now I’m afraid to use any products sold in stores. Are there ways to make my own using household products? – Mark, VT Dear Mark, What […]

soaking tub

Detox Bath Recipe Basics

Dear Annie, I’ve been told that it’s a good idea to soak in a bath of Epsom salts to ease sore muscles and to help relax, but I’m curious what you recommend for detoxing and if you have a detox bath recipe? – Jean, AK Dear Jean, For centuries, people have honored the power of […]

sunflower seed crackers

Sunflower Seed Flour Cracker Recipe

It was funny, in a black humor kind of way. My three sisters and I span the ages of 55-65, and spent a long weekend together last summer without kids or spouses. All we seemed to talk about was brain health and strategies for lowering our high cholesterol! We were all also in various stages […]

Natural Skin Refreshers

Simple and Natural All Skin Freshener Formula

Winter dryness and forced air heating can be as brutal as summer heat and drought. We need whatever help we can get to feel refreshed. Refreshing and stimulating for the skin because of the menthol herbs, this freshener also hydrates. 2 cups bottled mineral water 10 drops each peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils Combine the […]

Nettle Tea

Why Nettle Tea?

Dear Annie B,  A friend of mine swears by nettle tea and says that is extremely helpful, particular in dealing with hormonal issues.  Can you fill me in? – Linda M.,  Syracuse, NY   Dear Linda, I’ve always loved nettle tea because it works on the endocrine system and helps with hormonal balance, for both men […]

Natural Flu Remedies

The 4 Best Natural Flu Remedies

Dear Annie – What are the best natural flu remedies? Thanks, Jessie W., N.Dakota Dear Jessie – Why just these four? Because, from my research, they are the kings and queens of prevention for viral infections, and they are considered safe to ingest. Some essential oils, while highly anti-viral, may not be suitable for ingestion, […]