How to Pray Without Talking to God: Effective Affirmations

Effective Affirmations

Positive thinking, possibility thinking, and wishful thinking all may serve a purpose in cultivating an optimistic, hopeful attitude. An optimistic, hopeful attitude can expand our awareness and point to the truth. Affirmations are more than optimistic and hopeful thoughts; they are statements of truth stemming from spiritual realization — the are realization thinking.

Realization thinking is an inner conviction of truth that is independent of outer circumstances. Affirmations, therefore, are declarations about Divine Nature and our Divine Identity and usually arise from study, prayer, and meditations. As such, affirmations are recognizable by particular attributes:  Affirmations focus on the present. They emphasize being rather than doing. And they center on unalterable truth.

Focus on the present:  Statements predicting a future outcome are not affirmations. Affirmations address a here-and-now Divine Reality. For example, instead of saying “I am attracting the ideal life partner,” you might say, “I AM Divine Love, attractive and inviting Divine Love.” With this shift in awareness, you realize that attracting a partner is not your mission. You are Divine Love, and Divine Love is yours.

Emphasize being rather than doing:  Saying “I maintain my ideal weight” or “I love and accept myself” address your human action. Instead, affirm your spiritual nature. “I AM Divine Order, balanced and stabilized. I AM embracing, nurturing Divind Love.” Doing arises from being. Affirmations prompt actions consistent with truth. Knowing you are Divine Order, or Divine Love, changes your mission, so to speak, from fixing something about yourself to living these Divine Capacities.

Center on unalterable truth:  effective affirmations direct your attention away from changing conditions and toward unchangeable truth. Saying “I always have enough money” is not necessarily a true statement. Chances are, sometimes yo uhave enough money and sometimes you do not. Instead, tell yourself the enduring truth:  “I AM Divine Abundance, an ever-flowing stream of plenty.” Why is this effective? Because you see that your richness is invulnerable to variations in your bank account. With truth in mind, now you are available for and may easily attract yourself into rich experience and magnificent possibilities independent of your personal means.

Adapted from How to Pray Without Talking to God, by Rev. Linda Martella-Whitsett (Hampton Roads, 2011).