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Natural DIY Leather Boot Waterproofer

natural boot waterproofer

Ask AnnieDear Annie,
How to Waterproof Leather Boots? I recently bought beautiful leather boots, but they’re not waterproof!

I want to protect them from the winter elements, but I don’t want to use horrible toxic waterproofing products. Is there a natural way to do this? – Megan, WA


Annie B. Bond

Dear Megan,
Great question! Most waterproofing sealants give off toxic, petroleum-based volatile organic chemicals. What better natural, waterproofing material to use for waterproofing than lanolin, from wool? Plus, the wool is extracted from the wool and the sheep isn’t killed to get the lanolin. Designed by nature to keep wool-bearing animals dry, lanolin is commonly available at pharmacies, anhydrous lanolin usually comes in a tube.

Directions for using anhydrous lanolin
Just rub the anhydrous lanolin on boots! It’s as easy as that!

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