Annie B. Bond Do you want access to green and nontoxic lifestyle advice from the “Foremost Expert on Green Living?” Now you & your readers can learn everything you wanted to know about living a green, healthy, nontoxic lifestyle by featuring Ask Annie B. on your own site!


Annie B. Bond


*Commonly known as the “Godmother of Green,” Annie B. Bond is providing the opportunity for your readers to ask her any questions they might have on the subject in a weekly column that can be featured on your site!

*As a culture, we’ve become accustomed to feeling worse than we should—“sick and tired” is more than just an expression, it’s a way of life. But Annie knows that it doesn’t have to be.

*Over the last 2 decades, she’s taught millions how to care for themselves and the planet—simply, naturally, and effectively with her award-winning, best-selling books, newsletters, and bounty of articles—and she would love to share that knowledge with YOU, too!

Each week we will release 1-2 free Ask Annie B. articles, answering questions on various green living topics on the home, cleaning, personal care, entertaining (& more!) that have been submitted by readers. You can also send Annie B. questions you think your own audience would like answered and Annie will write a unique Ask Annie B. column all your own for a small fee. Whichever way you choose, become one of our partners and these articles will be made available to you each week to post on your own site! Take a look below to see examples of recent questions Annie has answered.

* What are the best ways to rid plastics from my life?
* How do I remove pests from my garden without pesticides?
* How to whiten laundry without bleach?
* Do you have any suggestions for easy BPA-free product substitutes?
* Pillow Health, Pillow Washing

Ask Annie B’s answers are on YouTube, too!
* 6 Reasons Why Wool is the Best Bedding.
* Why should I care about parabens in body care products?
* Annie’s favorite soft scrubber recipe

Read current Ask Annie B. columns here.

To ask Annie a question, readers can fill out the form to the right here, or send her an email: annie @ thetruefind [dot] com


Books by Annie B. Bond

Annie is the best-selling author of 5 books on green living, Publicationsincluding True Food which won the 2010 Gourmand Award for Best Health and Nutrition Book in the World. She was also the founding editor of the award winning “The Green Guide.”

Her reviews, articles and Ask Annie B advice columns have appeared in The New York Times, The Huffington Post, Martha Stewart Living and countless other publications and websites. Her books have been published by National Geographic, Rodale and Crown.

Annie B. Bond and Carol AltAnnie has appeared on numerous TV shows, including NBC’s Today Show, A Healthy You with Carol Alt on Fox, and on the Whole Living Channel, spreading the “true” word and offering her insights into toxin-free living.

Her partnerships with health and wellness experts such as Deepak Chopra, Wendy Gordon and Meryl Streep have further deepened her impact.


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Annie B. Bond tells the story of how she successfully came to chemical-free green living for the last 33 years. Read her story here, or watch the video below.


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