Annie B.

Who Is Annie B.?

Annie B. Bond

Annie B. Bond has a story filled with the hallmarks of a true modern day hero’s tale—from tragedy and trial to courage, revelation, and renewal. Known as the “Godmother of Green,” Ms. Bond is the author of five award-winning, best-selling books on healthy living, and she has produced a bounty of newsletters, blogs, and articles in outlets such as Martha Stewart Living and The Huffington Post. Over the last two decades, her solutions have taught millions how to care for themselves and the planet—simply, naturally, and effectively.

Annie B. Bond’s story is this: In 1980, at the age of 27, she was sickened by an unfortunate series of chemical exposures. A gas leak and two pesticide poisonings resulted in seriously debilitating symptoms, which were initially misdiagnosed. After a self-described “dark time,” Annie was eventually diagnosed with Classic Organophosphate Pesticide Poisoning and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. Her central nervous system had been permanently damaged. Her body had become a barometer, sensitive to even the subtlest of changes in her environment. She could not enjoy life as usual. In many ways, the air she breathed, the food she ate, and the water she drank became toxic. This sensitivity would lead Annie and her then-husband to move numerous times in search of an environmentally friendly place where she could heal herself.

Despite her medical situation, Annie did not succumb to despair… The ordeal she had endured had a silver lining: As Annie regained her strength she realized she had important lessons to impart to others about the healing powers of nature.

When she was a young girl, growing up in New Hampshire, Annie’s health and wellbeing was a given, deeply rooted, as it was, in the fields, streams, hills, and woods where she played, swam, skied, and let her imagination run wild. Back then she was aware that her great-grandparents had used folk remedies and natural cures for almost everything that ailed them. In those days, there was a tradition of folk medicine, people helping each other. Wisdom was shared freely, openly, passed down from generation to generation. Annie’s great-grandparents grew their own vegetables, churned their own butter, drank herbal tinctures to ward off common colds, wrapped themselves in natural fibers to warm themselves on winter nights, rid pests from their houses and gardens with oils, herbs, roots and spices, and cleaned with baking soda, apple cider vinegar, and lemons.

Inspired by the tried-and-true “know-how” of her ancestors, Annie embarked upon years of research and experimentation. She found solace and answers in natural remedies. Annie regained her health and eventually bore a child – her beloved daughter, Lily. “A gift,” Annie says. Lily, now 25 and thriving as a singer and writer, was raised in a clean and green home. She has continued the green lifestyle to this day, observing that “Even though I tried living with ‘normal’ consumer products, I just could not get past how bad I knew these chemicals were for me, and I just couldn’t do it.”

Although it was rarely diagnosed at the time of Annie’s exposure, chemical sensitivity is now more widely recognized: It is estimated that roughly 74 million people in the United States have some form of chemical sensitivity. Chronic, unexplained physical symptoms such as headaches, joint pain, digestive issues, skin irritations, sleep disruption, fatigue, mood swings, and anxiety, are also widespread problems. “Sick and tired” seems to be a way of life for many.

Annie B. Bond has answers, and she has been sharing her hard-won wisdom for decades. Labeled the “foremost expert on living green” by Body and Soul Magazine, Annie’s “Ask Annie B” column has reached millions in search of natural solutions for a wide range of health and wellness concerns. Over the years, Annie has partnered with Meryl Streep, Wendy Gordon, and Deepak Chopra, among others, to spread her healing message. Her first book, Clean and Green, published by Ceres Press in 1990, was a landmark and bestseller. Other bestselling books ensued: The Green Kitchen Handbook, Better Basics for the Home, and Home Enlightenment. Annie’s most recent book, True Food, co-authored by Wendy Gordon and Melissa Beyer, won the 2010 Gourmand Award for Best Health and Nutrition Book in the World.

Annie’s latest project is A True Find, a consciously curated, eco-conscious e-commerce and content portal. A True Find is where Annie distills her experience and shares her hard-earned wisdom—the gift of green, and everything she has found to be true.